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Hi Friends…. I want to let you in on a secret.  I am a groupie of sorts.  What started as a fun girl’s night out, has turned into a slight obsession.

Back in Sept, my dear friends Pam and Dana, invited me to join them at paint night.  I had seen coupons on Groupon, but never had a chance to attend one.  I told them “I can’t paint, nor draw”, their reply? “There will be wine and appetizers”, so that was all I needed to hear!  When the big day came, I was nervous… “What if I spill paint? “What if it comes out looking like a blob?”  The only thing comforting me, was the promise of wine and appetizers awaiting me.

When I arrived at the restaurant, there were tables with easels, and blank canvases.  Let the games begin!!  I said my hellos, grabbed an apron and got a front row seat.  The ambiance was great, low lighting (thank goodness), wine flowing, and this guy on the stage playing 70’s and 80’s soft pop on a guitar.  I was in heaven!!  Max and Mom (his wonderful Mother that helps him out) were so very patient with us buzzed girlies.  (There were 40 people there!)  He explained how we were going to paint each part, and assured us that these horrible, bleeding canvases would eventually look like a tree.  I was very skeptical.

As the night went on, both my paintbrush and inhibitions were loosening up.   I started to see a picture emerge from my plain white canvas!  I felt so inspired and artistic, that I actually got on stage and sang Hotel California and Stairway to Heaven with the guitar man!  Needless to say, when we were finished, a tree was born.

Fast forward to November.  The paint bug bit me and I went back for another night of trees.  This time I brought my friend Sue.  She lost her life partner earlier this year, and was looking forward to getting a new hobby under her belt. It was another great night (no guitar man, just a DJ), and another successful painting!!

After stalking Max’s Facebook page, (see? Total groupie) I saw that they were having another event this month!!  So, Sue and I signed up (She is a little obsessed as well) and spent another joyous night basking in our creative mojo.  Yes, there were trees, but this time it was a Christmas Themed painting!!!  I was so excited to see that each time I’m making more and more progress (and we limited ourselves to 2 Bailey’s coffees… each)

If you ever get an opportunity to attend a paint party, DO IT!  Max Hernandez owns Paint Party 101 So Cal (http://paintparty101.net).  He is a talented art student working towards his degree in fine arts.  With the help of his Brother, and his Mom, he has started a booming, highly sought after business.  They even host “house parties”!  This is something that I am planning to do in 2017.

Paint night is something that I really look forward to. A great way to have some “me time”, enjoy friends, and release stress. I never thought that I could create a circle, let alone artwork.   I am so glad that I took the chance, and discovered something new about myself.  Another adventure on my “Middle Years Journey”.

Why in the hell did I not figure this out sooner??

Until next time……


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