Mother’s Day is tomorrow, and I am trying to take full advantage of any pampering that is being offered to me this weekend. I have a ton of things to do, but I’m not motivated to do them, and of course, I’m using Mother’s Day weekend as an excuse.  I digress….

My Mom is a vibrant, 67-year-old woman who I love and admire very much. She taught me so much over my 44 years. She is the most caring, selfless, strong-willed, and determined person I know. I always tell her her that I could only hope to be half the person that she is. Now that I am in my “Middle Years,” I refer to so many of the things she taught and showed me, and try to use that wisdom while raising my Daughter. My Mom is my Guardian Angel, my confidant, and my Best Friend. I am very blessed that I have a great relationship with my Mom and my Daughter. I know many don’t.

One of the most important things she taught me was to “Never forget who you are, and ALWAYS know your worth.” These words resonate with me to this day. There are times and situations when we tend to stray from this, but it it’s SO important to remember.

In thinking of writing a quick Mothers Day blog post, I asked a few of my friends at work:

“What was the greatest piece of advice that your Mom or Motherly figure ever gave to you?”

Always know that you are not better than anyone, and nobody is better than youMP
No one will love you the way God doesSW
Do not listen with the intent to reply, listen to understand – VT
You don’t have to be married to be happy in life, believe in yourselfMY
Always do what makes you happy, because it will take longer than a lifetime to make everyone else happyKS
Be exactly who you want to be in a world where people expect you to be like everyone elseDM
Know your worthRY
Never dim your light because others are intimidated by your shineKM

These are great quotes and words to live by. Thank you, ladies, for sharing!


Until next time…..

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