Middle Years Journey Book Club

Welcome to the Middle Years Journey Book Club


When creating The Middle Years Journey, I wanted to incorporate a Book Club within my blog.  One of my goals for  2017,  is to read more and read books that have a positive message.

With the invention of Kindle and Ebooks, I slacked on my goal even more. Now, I could just download and forget it. This is why I have over 300 books on my Kindle, and the majority of them have not been finished!  Lately, I began buying “real, hardcover books”. It’s a refreshing change, and I don’t have to worry about grabbing my Kindle or tablet, only to find out they’re both dead!

I will showcase books that I’m currently reading, or have on my “Must Read List of 2017”.  Different genres will be featured; self-help, self-awareness, mystery,  and autobiographies

If you have any recommendations, reach out! I’d love to hear about them!